KJ Anime Rec

dbz is backDragon Ball Z is Back – Battle of the Gods Movie (Video)

The Saiyans take another step toward raising their power levels.

Street fighter IV the movieStreet Fighter IV The Movie and OVA (KJ Anime Rec)

The Street Fighter series was reborn again with the introduction of Street Fighter IV. Along with a new 2D fighting engine, street fighter received new story lines for it’s animated specials.

Sword Art Online Extra Edition 1Sword Art Online Extra Edition – OVA (Video)

Did you miss out on Sword Art Onilne? If you did, this OVA has the characters retell the highlights through their point of view before they set out on a new quest!

Yu Yu Hakusho MovieYu Yu Hakusho Movie 2: Poltergeist Report

Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei team up to save spirit world from the re-emerging netherworld.

Mega Man X AnimeMega Man X Anime Movie (Video)

Sit back and relive great moments from the Mega Man X series!

new kyoto arc kenshin 1Animated Samurai Masterpiece, New Kyoto Arc – Rurouni Kenshin OVA (Video)

The final strikes at the end of each battle are beautifully choreographed.

gantzGantz Anime Tribute – Gory, Sexy and Entertaining (Video)

Aliens, sexy women, insane action and messy death scenes. The futuristic look of Gantz is perfect for the out of this world story that it tells.

Division 1Ghost in the Shell Meets Minority Report, Psycho Pass Anime Tribute (Video)

When society begins to make our choices for us, how alive can we feel? What do we do when the system that is in place begins to crumble?

Unlimited Blade WorksFate Stay Night – Anime Tribute AMV, Gallery, Gifs (Video)

Fate Stay Night is a blood thirsty tale with a heartfelt finish.

samurai champlooBest Anime Openings That Capture Musical Brilliance (Video)

Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo and Hellsing are a few anime openings that combine visual and musical mastery.