Terence McKenna – Ideology is Absurd (Video)

Terence McKenna explores the absurdness of ideology by talking of the flawed belief in certain truth, the removing of social filters that keep you from your true self and puts a twist in the old adage, “The more we know, the less we understand.”

Terence McKenna – Ideology is Absurd Excerpts

Ideology kills! It is not a childish game. Ideology kills. And I was very amused, I mean the Heaven’s Gate thing was a tragedy but there were curious aspects to it. I mean it was the week before Easter. All around me I heard people saying things like, you know, ‘How could people believe such crazy stuff? And by the way honey, did you get a dress for service so that we can go and celebrate the resurrection of The Redeemer?’I just wonder who’s ox is getting gored here. Because something is absolutely nuts but 400 million people believe it – that makes it okay, but if 20 people believe something nuts that’s a cult. All of this gives me the creeps. I have an absolute horror of belief systems and cults…

If you met a termite who told you he was a quest for certain truth a small smile would tug at your lips, I hope…do you believe for a moment that we are different from that termite? I think not…I think not…We understand what we can understand. We build models. To do this without realizing the tentative nature of the enterprise is just damn foolishness.

The thing to keep coming back to is the felt presence of immediate experience. Not how do I feel as a Feminist or a Marxist or a Desotec Heirynamous Bosch or whatever…How do I feel? Period. Not through the filter of ideology. As I look back through history, as you look back through history very few ideologies last very long without going sour or becoming toxic. Why should we assume, as all those naive societies of the past assumed, that we have 95 percent of the truth and the other 5 percent will be delivered by our best people in the next three years. Fools have always believed that. But the smart money knows we ain’t even close.

Human kind as one progressing entity will eventually progress out of old ideologies to allow new ideals to pave the way in this expanding universe. Accepting more is a result of knowing more.



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