Xavier Rudd, One Man Stoner Band (KJ Song Rec)

Xavier Rudd one man stoner band Xavier Rudd, One Man Stoner Band (KJ Song Rec)Xavier Rudd is an Australian singer and multi-instrumentalist, well known on the music festival circuit for touring with bands like Rodrigo y Gabriela.

Rudd is a one man stoner band who plays surrounded by instruments in a complicated array. Typically, he has three didgeridoos placed in front of him on a stand, a guitar on his lap, a stompbox by his habitually bare feet, and an assortment of drums, banjos, harmonicas, bells, and bass guitar near at hand, or near at foot as the case may be.

Several of Rudd’s songs incorporate socially conscious themes, such as spirituality, humanity, environmentalism and the rights of Aboriginal peoples.

Xavier Rudd – Lioness Eye, Live in Denver, Colorado


Xavier Rudd – Fortune Teller, Live in Denver, Colorado

Need to be the one
Redefine yourself
See it in your mind
This is all a game

Xavier Rudd – Follow the Sun, Music Video