Top Big L Punchlines (Lyrics)

“Big” is usually a word that describes extravagance, something tremendous, monumental, ambitious, influential, or great. These descriptions are only a mere depiction of the eternal void that’s scarred hip-hop in the tragic deaths of some of its most promising lyrical heavyweights. Among this void, was that of a skinny Harlemite equipped with a lyrical tenacity like no other and a charisma that deserved global attention. Unfortunately, that would be the last thing said of Big L.

On February 15th, 1999 Lamont Coleman, better known as, Big L was fatally gunned down in the neighborhood he’s represented since day one, Harlem. He was 24 years old. It goes without saying that L was gone too soon but his prevailing legacy remains pristine. He was a wordsmith that was able to present such vivid pictures through his uncanny story tales. A professor when it came to presenting lyrical wittiness. Most notably, a master when it came down to spitting a quick punchline or too. These punchlines were not to be taken lightly however. L offered some of the most robust punch lines yet, carving out a page in hip-hop’s book as some of the most memorable, if not iconic, lines yet.

Take a look at Big L’s memorable punch lines throughout his career.

I’m undefeated that’s the stone truth

Cause battlin’ me is like fightin’ a gorilla in a phone booth

-Let ’Em Have It L


Step to this and get shanked up

I knocked out so many teeth the tooth fairy went bankrupt

-Let Em Have It L


I got drug spots from New York to Canada

Cause Big L be fuckin’ with more keys than a janitor

-Da Graveyard



I’m known for snatchin’ purses, and bombin’ churches

I get more pussy by accident then most niggas get on purpose

-Da Graveyard


Me being a virgin, that’s idiotic

Cause if Big L got the AIDS every cutie in the city got it

-All Black


Cause I got all of ‘em strung jack

My girls are like boomerangs, No matter how far I throw ‘em, they come back



The subject, the predicate, L kicks better shit

Couldn’t get passed me if your homeboy set a pick

-Principal of the New School

I only roll with originators

Chicks stick to my dick like magnets on refrigerators

-Yes. You May

My style is hard like strong lumber

Cute chicks get the dicks, ugly bitches get the wrong number

-Sandman 118 (Freestyle)


Some say I’m ruthless, some say I’m grim

Once a brother done broke into my house and I robbed him

-Lifestylez Ov Da Poor and Dangerous


Some nigga named Dex was in the projects, Layin threats

I jumped out the lincoln, Left him stinkin’

Put his brains on the street, Now you can see what he was just thinkin’

-Danger Zone


Turn your tux red, I’m far from broke, got enough bread

And mad hoes, ask Beavis I get nuttin’ Butt-Head

-Stretch & Bobbito ’98 Freestyle


Cause I’m a street genius with a unique penis

Got fly chicks on my dick that don’t even speak English

-Da Graveyard










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