Sixto Rodriguez – Psychedelic Music Genius (KJ Song Rec)

Sixto Rodriguez psychedelic music genius Sixto Rodriguez   Psychedelic Music Genius (KJ Song Rec)Sixto Rodriguez’s tale is one of the most unusual, sombre, yet incredibly heart-warming rags to riches stories I’ve ever encountered. Imagine being a struggling unknown musician in the United States during the 1970′s. Now, also imagine that unbeknownst to you, you’ve developed a cult following in South Africa and other nearby countries; your musical genius considered to rival that of Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones.

Sixto Rodriguez’s music is a blend of rock, folk, and psychedelic, with an emphasis on societal realities and their short-comings. This is the enigmatic story of Sixto Rodriguez, and this is his music. 

Sixto Rodriguez – I Wonder

You either live under a rock, or you walk in the sunshine. That’s pretty much how it goes. – Sixto Rodriguez

Sixto Rodriguez – Cold Fact Album

1.Sugar man 0:00
2. Only Good For Conversation 3:49
3. Crucify Your Mind 6:14
4.This Is Not A Song, It’s An Outburst 8:46
5. Hate Street Dialogue 10:53
6. Forget It 13:26
7. Inner City Blues 15:15
8. I wonder 18:41
9. Like Janis 21:15
10. Gommorah (A Nursery Rhyme) 23:51
11. Rich Folks Hoax 26:12
12. Jane S. Piddy 29:15

He’s more popular than Elvis in South Africa – Stephen “Sugar” Segerman

sixto Sixto Rodriguez   Psychedelic Music Genius (KJ Song Rec)Sixto Rodriguez’s recent resurgence on the American Music scene can be attributed to a documentary titled: Searching For Sugar Man (Directed by Malik Bendjelloul).

It’s an insightful, emotional, tightly spun 86 minute roller-coaster ride. Highly recommended.

If you enjoy Sixto Rodriguez and his music, consider going to see him in concert. His upcoming schedule can be found at his website: